About Armaghaan

Armaghaan Saadeghbeigi (Born in Iran, 1986) graduated from the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. She has achieved several scholarships and awards during her study and work experience and has been making contribution to the hospitality business development of Iran. Armaghaan has written and illustrated her second book which is a collection of practical hospitality service tips for hospitality staff and trainees.

Armaghaan’s new adventure might have been started from 2014 at the moment she finished a book which had been introduced by her friends. The book is about the real story of Suhrawardi’s life journey (1154-1191) the founder of the Iranian school of illumination who could reach out to that level of a divine source of knowledge. She became extremely impressed to such a degree that made her go on a long trip to visit his childhood home located in north west of Iran “Suhraward Village”. She could not tell how pleased she was to get to know his profound wisdom which led her to make a conscious decision to carry out some research on his treatises and other similar well-known masters works. Armaghaan was gradually drawn into art finding an appropriate way to express and combine what she had researched about and learnt from him with conceptual painting methods.

She finally found herself immersed in a sustained study of traditional Persian calligraphic forms, illustration and painting. The introduction of her artworks emphasizes on the content of Suhrawardi treatises while her transition to other different painting methods shows the fact that she is so passionate and enthusiastic about art. In addition, she has an integrated simplified philosophy behind all of her works.

Her major Arts are now being displayed on Johariyaat Art Gallery on instagram and in other galleries.