About Armaghaan

Armaghaan Sadeghbeigi (Born in Iran, 1986) graduated from the Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston. She has achieved several scholarships and awards during her study and work experience and has been making contribution to the hospitality business development of Iran. She has managed, operated and consulted on numerous hotels, resorts, restaurants, special event and entertainment venues and related travel and leisure nationally and internationally.

Today, she has a team of more than 100 people located in over 20 offices throughout Iran who specialize in all types of hospitality assets, including hotels, restaurants, shared ownership lodging, mixed-use developments, as well as conventions, sports, and entertainment facilities. Her associates are available to support you with any aspect of financing, developing, owning, or operating a hospitality property.

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Areas of Expertise

Including but not limited to management and operations, upkeep and maintenance, guest service issues, policies, procedures and protocols, customs and trade practices, economic and financial issues, lost income and valuation, planning, feasibility and market impact, damages and future earnings, employment and labor including wage and hour, training and supervision, safety and security, standards of care, preparation, sanitation and service, construction, renovation and fixtures, furnishings and equipment (ff&e).