About Armaghaan

After many years of experience, we could achieve a team of experts throughout Iran who specialize in all types of hospitality assets, including hotels, restaurants, shared ownership lodging, mixed-use developments, as well as conventions, sports, and entertainment facilities. Our associates are available to support you with any aspect of financing, developing, owning, or operating a hospitality property.

Areas of Expertise

Including but not limited to management and operations, business development, guest service issues, policies, procedures and protocols, customs and trade practices, economic and financial issues, valuation, planning, employment and labor including wage and hour, training and supervision, standards setting, preparation, sanitation and service, construction, renovation and fixtures, furnishings and equipment (ff&e).
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خدمات اصلی مشاوره مهمان‌نوازی ارمغان به هتل‌ها، رستوران‌ها و کافه‌ها

مشاوره مدیریت، آسیب‌شناسی سیستمی و اصلاح عملکرد به هتل‌ها، رستوران‌ها، کافه‌ها

 ساخت، تجهیز و راه‌اندازی اقامتگاه، رستوران و کافه

 همکاری با کاریابی الکترونیک صنعت گردشگری آسانا


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